Vegan Shopping Guide in Kuwait

It’s never been easier or tastier to give your kitchen a vegan food. Sultan Centre, Saveco, Lulu Hypermarkets and mishref co-op have become meccas for followers of vegan food. The best part with Vegan Literature shopping guide, it will guide you step by step Keep in mind, vegan substitutes are a luxury and are NOT necessary when turning vegan. You can always stick to the basics: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.

Fruits and vegetables

Firstly you need to get real. You don’t have a discount body! So you deserve the highest quality food every meal. Remember every dinar we spend is a vote for what we believe in so support plants food growers and the environment . Put your health first and your wallet wins as well.

Sultan centre wholesale in 4th ring road as they always have BIG discounts on ripe sweet fruits, get a whole box of fruits and vegetables instead of buying by kilos or pounds. Dates are cheap in Kuwait so smash them and make banana dates smoothie.
Local farmer markets in Sultan Centre Sharq have a great selection of vegetables and the prices are fair and often taste amazing to make a soup or salad or to mix greens with a fruit smoothie.
Mishref co-op and saveco have a huge discount on fruits and vegetables every Monday.

Organic is always better for the environment BUT IT IS SO MUCH EXPENSIVE IN KUWAIT. if you can afford them then that is good, you can find them in Sultan Centre, Saveco and nature land, if not, conventional is good also if the taste is good but you have to wash them with heart using water, salt and vinegar.

wholesale fruits and vegetables is available next to fish market in Souq Sharq.

Delivery is also option for fruits and vegetables. check @THEMULLFARM @RE_KWT


whole grain bread is good for you but the industrial white bread is a back-up plan.

Better yet, bread made from sprouted grains. check the ingredients if it contains milk or eggs.

Gluten-free is not better unless you are sensitive to gluten

sourdough and rye bread are awesome( check the ingredients sometimes they are high in sodium( as long as the sodium is below 400mg per 100grams is okay).

you can find them at LuLu Hypermarket

Supermarket bread are not very fresh and contain lots of refined salt and many harmful additives and have had many levels of processing

Of course fruit, veg, rice, potatoes, barely, corn, oats pasta are the go-to. But sometimes bread can be good when there are no staple items available

Bread, like all cooked food, dehydrates you a bit. so it is better to consume 500ml-750ml 30 minutes before each mealIts true. Look what people put on bread lol! fat, fat and more fat!

the problem is not the bread but the high fat food people put over the bread like butter, cheese, ham, bacon, eggs and turkey.

try to put on bread jam, hummos. beans, corn and other low fat plant based food.

What about Oils ?

Oils are fractured foods devoid of nutrient content, no fiber, carbs, protein etc. and only clog up the blood

minimize and avoid oil as much as you can when you cook at home or eat at restaurant.

avoid fried food as much as you can.

Omega 6 run rampant in nearly all oils and fat, making the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3s far more than it should be. When we cut out the oil and excess fat, we drop the omega 6 by a lot and boost the omega 3s up with the intake of fresh leafy greens primarily as well as fruit, other veggies and starches contain all omega 3 and 6 that you need in the correct ratio.

people only need about 10% of calories from fat. We can get all the fats we need from fruits (all living things have fat and protein), vegetables, grains, starches, and raw nuts and seeds, as well as avocado.

oils are fractured foods which we would not find in nature.

avoid avocado oil, coconut oil, even olive oil etc and switch to the actual whole food plants based like avocado, coconut and olives etc with the added benefit of fiber, water content and a full spectrum of nutrients ( carbs, protein and fats). might as well go straight to the source instead of buying a processed version that may have been sitting around for a long time and has been shipped all over the planet to be harvested, extracted, packaged and sold.

what about coconut oil? Externally, it’s fine Internally, it’s not.

It is actually as harmful as butter on cholesterol levels. Dr. Greger has many resources on coconut oil and other foods. Very interesting website.

I think coconut oil is just marketed to the public for its health benefits, but in reality there are none!

It is also expensive. Marketing does not care about your health, they just want moolah!

According to Dr. Neal Barnard founder and current president of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), “Vegetable oils in excess may contribute to cancer risk, as animal fat does. And all forms of fat and oil, whatever the source, contributes to weight problems” (pg. 154 Food For Life – Neal Barnard M.D.).

According to the documentary film Forks over Knives, 500 calories of plant foods will fill your stomach up naturally, however 500 calories of oils (whatever the plant oil is) is almost pure fat and barely triggers any response at all. Meaning, 500 calorie of oils fills your stomach about 15 percent.

i add about a teaspoon of oil or add peanut butter to deserts like “ cupcakes” (which i don’t eat on a daily basis but every now and then or if some friends are coming over or i take them to a gathering.

your really allowed whatever you like, though its not optimal either.

A dressing, oranges, tomatoes and a little oregano & basil blended (you could optionally add a teeny bit of garlic, too)

Mangos, tomatoes, red peppers, ect blended make good salad dressings as well.

These dressings can be as thin or thick as you like, and there’s no oil

You’d be better eating the olives even blended up instead of olive oil

lots of dressing option for salad on google ( just google it up)

stables in your diet for maximum health, vitality and longevity ( organic is always better option if you can afford it for your health and the environment)

brown rice or white rice
bulgur (cracked wheat)
wild rice
sweet potatoes
taro root
water chestnuts
turban squash

Vegan Alternatives are luxury and optional and not necessary to the diet and you can stick to the basic whole food plant based diet for life but it is not bad to consume them sometimes.

you can find at service: vegan cheese, vegan milk ( soy, oats, rice, coconut and others, vegan burger, vegan cheese, vegan butter, vegan yogurt and others)

Herbs and spices

Bay leaf
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper

Celery seed


Chili powder


Poppy seed
Red pepper
Condiments &Sauces

Agave nectar
BBQ sauce
Brown rice syrup
Sweet Chili Sauce
Hot sauce
Maple syrup
Peanut butter
Salad dressing ( low fat) or make dates, celery and apple smoothie for dressing)
Soy sauce
Tomato sauce

Nuts ( 10-20 pieces per week only)

Brazil nuts
Pine nuts

Seeds ( 10-20 pieces per week only)

Coffee & Tea

Good news: Coffee & Tea are vegan

bad news: they are not good for human health.

Human body needs to get rid off stimulat that is why when someone consume caffeine which increase blood flow, sugar forced into the cells to get rid off it and it gives you a buzz, it is social accepted amphetamine. Interesting researches talks about stimulants and drugs which aging us, most of us feel sleepy at work and you may be tempted for a cup of coffee or 2 or 3 for a quick shot of energy ( clearly being a stimulant) but because coffee contains zero calories, it is stimulant and what a stimulant does, it draws energy from somewhere else than calories, causing an aging effect, stimulants are draining source. humans are the only species that depend on coffee, red bull, soda, alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, maca, taurine, ephedrine and hemp and that they all toxic to the body that adrenal grands get kick in the body to open up all the blood vessels because there is a poison circulating. fruits is the best food for human body and coffee is so acidic, dehydrates the body and it is toxic neurotoxin that acts like a diuelteric forcing the body to dry itself out of order to get the neurotoxic caffiene out of your body, coffee hinders your iron, calcium, b12 and protein absorption and it messed up your colon movement. Once you get enough food,eat enough fruit, water and sleep 8-9 hours a night you will not want or think twice about coffee or stimulants anymore.

Coffee just isn’t that easy to digest. To break down the coffee you ingest and deliver that burst of energy to your blood stream, your liver uses enzymes. If all of your enzymes are hard at work within your liver trying to break down the caffeine, they aren’t ready and active in your blood to knock out other bad chemicals it needs to get rid of. People who drink too much coffee often have difficulty getting rid of chemicals from their bodies, and their liver function is off. Try to limit or stop drinking coffee and you will see a huge gain in your mood, sex drive, mental clarity and happiness! The adrenal glands in our bodies are the glands responsible for making hormones that make us feel sexual, like testosterone. If you have low testosterone, you will have a lower sex drive. Both woman and men have testosterone, obviously lesser amounts in women. Coffee is a stimulant, it causes your nervous system to run on high, making adrenaline. If you can tolerate high levels of caffeine without a response, this is a bad thing- it means that your glands have actually stopped responding to you, like the boy who cried wolf! This can leave you susceptible to accidents, sleepiness, and health problems. Believe it or not, coffee has the most pesticides of any food on this earth, you can’t find any other plant in the world that has a higher toxicity of pesticides than coffee. It is treated with chemicals and fertilizers that it is even proving deadly in crop workers in many countries. Studies have shown over a thousand chemicals in coffee! If this isn’t enough to put your cup down, read on… about twenty of these chemicals are proven to cause cancer, also caffeine slows down your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals which are vital for your health. Lastly, caffeine limits the ability of our immune system to properly function. Your adrenal glands create or support over a hundred different hormones which help to keep you in good health. Caffeine has been shown to actually limit production by your adrenal glands, which eventually leads to lowered immunity, meaning more illness, it messed up your metabolism and colon movement! people who are running on low carb food and mostly animal products and the people who follow low calories diet always want coffee for energy and mood instead of bananas and dates! once you get enough carbohydrates and plants food with lots of fruit, vegetable, rice and pasta you will not need or want coffee or tea anymore!

The caffeine can cause high blood pressure in some people, heart palpitations, and arrhythmia. You can google those results.

If you have an addiction and get withdrawal headaches going off coffee, again, eating some mono meals of oranges can help. Oranges have natural pain relievers, are anti inflammatory and have some compounds that are similar to caffeine and can help some people with withdrawals.

Some researches indicates that Herbal Tea is a health choice and some say otherwise!!