Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Kuwait

This section contains a list of restaurants that I have eaten in Kuwait. Obviously, there are other restaurants with vegan food but I have not had the pleasure of eating at every vegan friendly restaurant yet but i will update this section every 3 months

When dining out, don’t forget about all the ethnic foods like Indian, Lebanese, Arabic, Ethiopian, Mexican and Italian. They have tons of vegan options. There’s Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese foods, too. Ask them to cook it WITHOUT butter or fish/oyster sauce and just substitute tofu for the meat, ask them if the rice or noodles contain butter or eggs or not. always tell them if possible to cook it with less oil and less salt for maximum health and vitality and longevity.

You’d be surprised at how many “mainstream” restaurants have vegan items on their menus like. Johny Rockets and Burger Fuel, Elevation Burger have vegan burgers! Just order them without cheese and mayo and add ketchup and barbecue sauce and vegetables instead.

P.F. Chang’s Chinese restaurants have about 10 vegan selections on the menu. In fact, their tofu is the best tofu I’ve ever eaten anywhere. And you MUST order the tofu lettuce wraps as an appetizer to get the evening started.

Plus, cheese-free pizzas (or pizzas with vegan cheese) are awesome The original pizza crust, regular pizza sauce, garlic dipping sauce and breadsticks at Papa John’s are vegan. The pizza marinara, vegetarian black beans or spicy marinara sauces with any crust at Upper crust pizza are vegan. The barbecue sauce, pizza sauce and thin crust at Domino’s are vegan. The crust, crazy sauce and crazy bread at Little Caesar’s are vegan. The thin & crispy crust,regular pizza sauce and sweet pizza sauce at Pizza Hut are vegan.

If you need fast food, you can veganize three vegetarian burrito at Taco Bell. Just order them without sour cream and cheese and do not forget the rice bowl and nachos. You can order the veggie sub at Subway without cheese, or at Solos taco on white or wheat bread with guacamole but minus the cheese. A little trick when i have gathering with friends is stopping at a grocery store and buying a package of vegan burger and vegan cheese, and putting it on the subway veggie sandwich when I get back home.

The Vegan movement in Kuwait is growing by leaps and bounds, which means the vegan options at restaurant scene is expanding. The following places will help you find vegan options at restaurants ( easy-to-use google to find the restaurant location or you can order food from




Genki Sushi

Tang Chao


Le Pain Quotidien

Horoof ( Burj Jassim)



Healthy Feast

Ginger ( 100% vegan)

Natureland Alraha restaurant ( Qadisiya)

Alcorniche Club restautant


Radisson Blu Peacock

Moti Mahal Delux


Yogiland ( vegan ice cream at Salmiya)

Green Land

Just Falafel

Solo Tacos


2aorganic (

P.F. Changs

Vine restaurant

Mitrovska ( vegan cakes and vegan cookies )