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Hey there future vegan friends

My name is Abdulrahman Alsanea from Kuwait and i am the founder of the Vegan Literature, born on April 19, 1987. I hold a B.A in English Literature and translation from Kuwait University, i love to ride a bike, play guitar, listen to music, talk about life, get amongst nature, read books, care about health, philosophy, peace, justice and equality to innocent beings and i want to speak the truth and educate people about veganism and animal rights because 150 billions animals have been breed to be killed every year on this planet by meat, dairy and eggs industries for food consumption and it cause negative impacts to human health, environment and the animals for sure and most people have a good heart and they don’t know about those atrocities that are taking a place right now, that is why i want to reach them and teach them and edify them, I’m dedicated daily to getting the vegan message out there to the masses to shape the world, make a positive difference on this planet before i leave this earth. vegan literature sets up to create consciousness of the cruel ways in which humans currently exploit against animals for food, clothing, entertainment, and testing, to show the medical literature that proved beyond a doubt that by consuming vegan food, human can live a healthy and extraordinary life and it applies for athletes, children, breast feeding mothers, babies and everybody. Here is .to a vegan world

The aim of the Vegan Literature is to promote veganism to the mass in Arabic language currently because there are thousands of animal rights and vegan lifestyle websites in English language so what is the point of writing another one in English language?. Vegan Literature is focused on the educational side as it is the most efficient way to spread the vegan message and save the animals via social media, lectures and monthly gathering and meet-ups. Furthermore, Vegan Literature supports all the vegans worldwide by providing them with the information, tools and support so they can last in this lifestyle for LIFE. My website offers information about the basics of veganism as well as practical tips for the everyday vegan life. I aim at bringing vegans and people interested in veganism together and supporting all those interested in living an ethical and healthy life.The positive effects of a vegan lifestyle are empirically proven but often ignored and disregarded. However, vegans score on many levels: with respect to animal-friendliness, ecological sustainability as well as regarding various fair trade issues. Additionally, a well planned high carb low fat vegan diet is very healthy. These are the starting points of my work. Given the enormously damaging effects it has on humanity, animals and the environment, lifestyle is no longer a matter of individual choice. We think of food for thought: For a respectful relationship with animals, for a sustainable approach to resources, for the climate and the people in this world not for habit, convenience, taste, tradition and profit that is why veganism ain’t a diet, choice,hobby or part time gig, it is a moral imperative, a duty, lifestyle, mandate and the ONLY way to cause the least amount of harm to this planet



Vegan gathering

I organize vegan gathering in Kuwait every 2nd Friday of the month from 5:30-8:30pm, we gather to socialise, share, learn, educate and enjoy tasty vegan food. Come and enjoy a great atmosphere, great talks from each one of you, health topics, ethics, environment, human rights, animal rights, many vegan books that you may borrow from me and more. The gathering is for everyone, vegan and vegan-curious friends who are interested to know more about vegan lifestyle. please email me at [email protected] if you are interested

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